The following Nobel Memorial Prize in Sciences laureates have worked with Cato:[131] Gary S Becker James M Buchanan Ronald Coase Milton Friedman A 2006 study criticized the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.[90] Since 2002 the Cato Institute has awarded the Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty every two years to "an individual who has made a significant contribution to advancing human freedom."[132] The prize comes with a cash. The Cato Institute is an associate member the State Policy Network a U.S national network free-market oriented. As 2016:[2] The Cato Institute is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization under U.S Internal Revenue Code For revenue the Institute is largely dependent on private contributions The Cato Institute reported fiscal year 2015 revenue $37.3 million and expenses $29.4 million.[4] According to the organization's annual report $32.1 million came from individual donors $2.9 million came from foundations $1.2 million came from program revenue and other income and $1 million came from corporations.[4] Thomas C Schelling Vernon. Cato was strongly critical Trump's immigration ban which was enacted in January 2017.[118] Sponsors Cato have included FedEx Google CME Group and Whole Foods Market.[119] The Nation reported support for Cato from the tobacco industry in a. Cato scholars have been sharp critics current U.S drug policy and the perceived growing militarization U.S law enforcement.[80] Additionally the Cato Institute opposes smoking bans[81] and mandatory use safety belts.[82] In 2004 the Institute published a paper arguing in favor "drug re-importation".[83] Cato has published numerous studies criticizing what it calls "corporate welfare" the practice public ficials funneling taxpayer money usually via targeted budgetary spending to politically connected corporate interests.[84][85][86][87] The Cato Institute published a study proposing a Balanced Budget Veto Amendment to the United States Constitution.[77] Social media sponsored by Cato includes "Daily Podcasts" (through iTunes and RSS feeds) plus pages on Facebook Twitter Google+ and YouTube.[31]

No known mechanism can stop global warming in the near term International agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change would have no detectable effect on average temperature within any reasonable policy time frame (i.e 50 years or so) even with full compliance.[100] Operating expenses as. Cato scholars have been critical the Bush administration's views on energy policy In 2003 Cato scholars Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren said the Republican Energy Bill was "hundreds pages corporate welfare symbolic gestures empty promises and pork-barrel projects".[101] They also spoke out against the former president's calls for larger ethanol subsidies.[102] With regard to the "Takings Clause" the United States Constitution and environmental protection libertarians associated with Cato contend that the Constitution is not adequate to guarantee the protection private property rights.[103] Cato has published strong criticisms the 1998 settlement which many U.S states signed with the tobacco industry.[75] In 2004 Cato scholar Daniel Griswold wrote in support President George W Bush's failed proposal to grant temporary work visas to otherwise undocumented laborers which would have granted limited residency for the purpose employment in the U.S.[76] In 2006 Cato published a Policy Analysis criticising the Federal Amendment as unnecessary anti-federalist and anti-democratic.[79] The amendment would have changed the United States Constitution to prohibit same-sex ; the amendment failed in both houses Congress Various Cato programs were favorably ranked in a survey published by the University Pennsylvania.

In 2003 Cato filed an amicus brief in support the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v Texas which struck down the remaining state laws that made private non-commercial homosexual relations between consenting adults illegal Cato cited the 14th Amendment among other things as the source their support for the ruling The amicus brief was cited in Justice Kennedy's majority opinion for. In addition to maintaining its own website in English and Spanish,[27] Cato maintains websites focused on particular topics: During the 2008 U.S presidential election Cato scholars criticized both major-party candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.[113][114] In June 2012 Cato announced an agreement in principle to settle the dispute by changing the institute's governing structure Under the agreement a board replaced the shareholders and Crane who at the time was also Chief Executive ficer retired Former BB&T bank CEO John A Allison IV replaced him.[124][125] The Koch brothers agreed to drop two lawsuits.[126] Many Cato scholars advocate support for civil liberties liberal immigration policies,[36] drug liberalization,[37] and the repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and laws restricting consensual sexual activity.[38][39] The Cato Institute ficially resists being labeled as part the conservative movement because "'conservative' smacks an unwillingness to change a desire to preserve the status quo".[40] Notable books from Cato and Cato scholars include: Operating Revenue as. Christopher Preble has said that the "scare campaign" to protect military spending from cuts under the Budget Control Act 2011 has backfired.[97] On environmental policy[edit] Cato scholars have written about the issues the environment including global warming environmental regulation and energy policy Cato is an opponent campaign finance reform arguing that government is the ultimate form potential corruption and that such laws undermine democracy by undermining competitive elections Cato also supports the repeal the Federal Election Campaign Act.[73][74] Some Cato scholars disagree with conservatives on neo-conservative foreign policy albeit that this has not always been uniform.[43] News intelligence powered by the search engine for truth seekers Copyright © 2018  var _paq = _paq || []; (['trackPageView']); (['enableLinkTracking']); (function() { var u=" /piwik/"; (['setTrackerUrl' u+' ']); (['setSiteId' 1]); var d=document g= Element('script') s= mentsByTagName('script')[0]; ='text/javascript'; =true; =true; =u+' '; Before(g,s); })();

Net assets as. In 2018 several former Cato employees alleged longtime sexual harassment by Crane going back to the 1990s and continuing until his departure in 2012 Politico reported that he settled one such claim in 2012 Crane denied the allegations.[127] The relationship between Cato and the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) improved with the nomination Cato's new president John A Allison IV in 2012 He is a former ARI board member and is reported to be an "ardent devotee" Rand who has promoted reading her books to colleges nationwide.[44] In March 2015 Allison retired and was replaced by Peter Goettler Allison remains on the Cato Institute's board.[45] Notable scholars associated with Cato include the following:[142] Cato president Ed Crane and Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope co-wrote a 2002 op-ed piece in the Washington Post calling for the abandonment the Republican energy bill arguing that it had become little more than a gravy train for Washington D.C lobbyists.[88] Again in 2005 Cato scholar Jerry Taylor teamed up with Daniel Becker the Sierra Club to attack the Republican Energy Bill as a give-away to corporate interests.[89]